About Me

My name is Azhan. 

I am a Malaysian, and I’ve been living in Switzerland since 2006.
I am a self taught photographer, and I love shooting on the streets. I hate flash though I am trying to learn to love it. 

Other than that …

  • I am an IT professional by training.
  • I was once crazily into mountain biking. I do it less these days though I still have the desire, and I know at least once a year I will continue to ride up the mount Rigi (done it 3 times).
  • I run quite a bit especially when it’s cold, gloomy and depressing. I went from zero to 8 races including 3 half marathons in the first year;  I can’t help bragging about it 😛
  • I am also a self-taught casual snowboarder who loves the carves and turns down powdery slopes.